Sewing an Apron

Did you have an exciting Friday night? Mine was spent sewing an apron. I’ve never sewn an apron before, so it was exciting to me. 🙂

I’m not sure I love this apron pattern — it comes in a bit more at the sides than I want it to. Next time, I think I may just take an apron I already have and like the shape of, and use that as a template for cutting, adding about an inch all around for a seam allowance. I’d like it a little shorter for me too, though I think this would work fine on someone taller than 5’0″!

I might do the pockets in a contrast too — maybe just solid green? And you could use dark green (or white) bias tape for trim, and that’d look cute too. (Could you use bias tape for the ties? That would save a lot of time in sewing!)

But still, pleased that I managed to get this out of one yard of fabric, and I *think* I have enough left that I can make a half-size gardener’s apron out of it too. If so, I’ll have them both available at the What’s Bloomin’ on Harrison art fair next Saturday. Apropos to the theme!

You can find this fabric of my designing on Spoonflower, link in comments; I used their linen-cotton canvas for the apron ($29 / yard). I think it’d look really cute on a bag too; I might buy another yard and see what I can do with that. Or even for a springy dress, in a lighter fabric with more drape, of course? Hmm….

Oh, and they’re doing 50% on throw pillows right now (just the cover, not the fills), so if you’re looking to do a refresh of an indoor or outdoor room, now’s a good time to do it, without needing to sew.

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