Finished Season 3 of Sex Education

Kevin and I finished watching season 3 of Sex Education (on Netflix) last night, so now we have to wait impatiently for the next season to be released, boo. Thanks to everyone who kept telling me to watch this show, including my daughter — somehow the premise just wasn’t sounding appealing, but it’s so sweet and funny and the characterization is just terrific — it has an incredible amount of heart. It was a great couple show to watch together too.

Possibly a little embarrassing to watch WITH your teens, given there are various sex scene montages at points, but great education for them (and probably adults too) in how to better talk about all kinds of sex-related issues. And if you’re worried that you’re not going to be interested in teens, there are several adults who are major characters, and you can totally invest in their lives and choices. Though the teens are great.

Switching over to Heartstoppers next, another one my daughter recommended. 🙂

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