Welcome to Dystopia

Last night, I said to Kevin, “Well, we’ll have to rethink where Kavi (our almost-15-year-old) might want to attend college now.” He said, “We can fly her home if she needs us to,” which is true (we live in Illinois, and as long as Pritzker is governor, I expect abortion rights will be protected here), but then he added, “…though she shouldn’t have to talk to her parents and get their help for this.”

We can only hope that we maintain the kind of relationship with our daughter that she’s comfortable asking us for that help if she ever needs it. And of course, we can afford that plane ticket, even on short notice. How many young women won’t have economic access to that?

When Trump was elected, I was invited to contribute to an anthology, _Welcome to Dystopia_ (ed. by Gordon VanGelder).

In my story, one of the terrible things that has happened is that it’s become prohibitively expensive for most women to get an IUD, because most insurance no longer covers them. We knew when Hilary wasn’t elected that it was setting America’s feet on a certain path. And now, here we are.

“Farewell” (read for free) — http://maryannemohanraj.com/science-fiction…/farewell/

Book link: https://www.amazon.com/Welcome-Dystopia…/dp/1949017060

And if you haven’t read The Cider House Rules, may I STRONGLY recommend it to you?


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