Snowdrop Pattern Chiffon Scarves

Sewed up a few chiffon scarves in my snowdrop pattern — I think they’d look really nice and springy with a crisp white top.

Picked the very last snowdrop in the garden for the first photo, and a summer snowflake (leucojum, which looks a lot like snowdrops) for the second. Even though it’s called summer snowflake, it flowers in mid-spring, aka now.

I’m trying to sew up a bunch of scarves and tea towels in the next few weeks, as there are various arts events coming up in May, and I’d like to have items ready to pair with my books. Probably some jewelry and handmade soap too; I need to take inventory of what I have on hand already.

Save the dates — two in Oak Park, and one in Madison. If you want to buttonhole me about local OPRF high school politics, when I’m stuck behind a table is a good opportunity. 🙂

May 7, 11-4: OP Makers Spring Shuffle (will be held at my house, featuring five local makers, there will be snacks and beverages).

May 21st, 11-7: What’s Blooming on Harrison (held in the Arts District) — I’ll be there for setup and until 4, and then Darius Vinesar is going to take over staffing the booth until it closes

May 26-29: WisCon Art Show

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