Mary Anne Tries to Sew a Top, Part 1

So, I wasn’t sure what to do with this fabric — it’s one of my designs, but I thought maybe the print was in the wrong size to look good as a dress or top. I was wondering if I should’ve printed it in smaller-scale. But oh well, I had a yard of it on hand, so I might as well try.

I’d printed it in Spoonflower’s cotton lawn ($24 / yard) , which is new for me to work with — it’s like a more delicate cotton, and makes me thing of warm spring days, when you want to just float through the garden.

I printed out the Ashton top pattern (from Helen’s Closet) and taped it together. The sizing confused me, and I’m still not sure if I read something wrong — I might write to them and ask. It was telling me that if I had a bust measurement of 43″, I was in a size 20, which didn’t seem right at all, unless their sizing was really different from standard — I usually wear something between 8-14.

But part of what’s good about making your own clothes is that you can make it actually fit you, so I figured I’d just cut it out as they said, in size 20, pin it, figure out whether I should take it down or not. It was actually telling me I was size 18-20 in the bust, 8 in the waist, and 2 in the hips, which just seemed wacky. I might, that’s sort of what my proportions do, but not in quite so exaggerated a way. I think I’m not understanding something about pattern size vs. finished clothing size.

Anyway, cut it out, or tried to — in size 20, I couldn’t quite fit it onto one yard of fabric. But I definitely thought it looked much too big, so I took it down to 16 / 18, and managed to squeeze it in. Still looked too big. Stay-stitched per instructions (new for me, I think, don’t remember doing that before). Onwards.

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