Enlisted in Egg-Stuffing

This year, Kevin is on a big deadline this weekend, and the kids (ages 12 & almost-15) don’t actually believe in the Easter bunny anymore, so I’ve enlisted them in egg-stuffing. We were watching Steven Universe while doing it, and we all had a good time. I have to remember that they’re big now, and they can help with all kinds of things. I will be much less stressed if I do!

Do you think we have enough eggs? 🙂 Expecting about a dozen kids, but I’m also going to have Kavi and Anand go up and down the block tonight (Wisconsin, neighbors, between Randolph and Washington) and ‘hide’ eggs for the neighborhood little kids to find. Kev and I will hide the ones in our yard for the party.

I actually have more candy, but I’m out of plastic eggs. Oh well! I can freeze the candy for another day, although if any local friends are short on Easter candy, let me know. I may have panicked and over-bought a bit…

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