Rejuvenating Nicely

I had a very intense 5-day work sequence, with two nights of terrible sleep in there, and am super-tired today, so am mostly spending the day with my computer on the couch. I have watched two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, and am now watching two episodes of Good Karma Hospital, and am rejuvenating nicely, thank you.

I’m also planning our Easter brunch and egg hunt — so far, 9 adults and 10 kids coming, which is going to be fun, and I think I might have to swing by Costco today and get some more chocolate for the eggs, because apparently my kids found the big box of Easter chocolate while I was out of town and just started helping themselves until Kevin realized and told them what it was for and put it on a higher shelf so it would be less tempting. Oops.

In theory, it’s a potluck, but in practice, I want to cook all the traditional things, of course, because it’s been so long since I hosted an Easter brunch. We’ll see, but tentatively, I’m thinking I’ll make:

– devilled eggs (because I love them)
– sliced honey ham (because it’s easy and will feed lots)
– grilled salmon (because even though it’s going to be chilly at 45F on Sunday, I can bundle up and step out on the porch and use the new grill)
– grilled asparagus (ditto)
– roast lamb (yes, I know, it’s a lot of protein in this menu so far, but I love roast lamb are rarely have it, and it’s traditional, so if I can find some that’s not too pricey…) with mint sauce
– roast new potatoes and carrots
– strawberry & spinach salad with poppyseed dressing
– and I think I’m going to take another stab at that passionfruit trifle…

If you’re coming, and wondering what to bring, we have lots of beverages, but more are always welcome, and other appetizers would be great. Cheese and crackers, that kind of thing. Other desserts also fine.

Pictured, one of the more successful of my early bulb forcing experiments, muscari blue armeniacum. This one’s a winner! (Some of them, sadly, did not do as well. Alas.) I think it’s basically the standard grape hyacinth, though? Although a lighter blue than I expected. Hmm….

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