Always Exciting

The first samples of my new Spoonflower fabric showed up, which is always exciting.

• I’m happy with this print on the chiffon — I think it’ll make really lovely spring scarves.

• I’m a little waffly about what to do with the organic cotton sateen — I’d originally planned on those squares for dinner napkins, but I think they might be really cute as cocktail napkins, if the size works out for that; will have to look for patterns and measure. Little four-color sets of those would be great, I think.

– the one I’m holding up against myself is their new cotton lawn; I think it’ll be a lovely fabric for lightweight summer tank tops and dresses, but I’m pretty sure I want a much smaller version of the print for that. Not quite sure what to do with the yard of it in this scale, to be honest. It’d be cute for a gardening apron, but it’s a thin fabric for an apron. Maybe if I lined it? Seems goofy, though. Hm.

The design in this scale and these colors is now available for purchase as fabric or wallpaper, link in comments!

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