Batch Processing Is Your Friend

One of the most irritating parts of designing a fabric collection isn’t the actual designing — it’s uploading each variation separately and labelling them.

This is one area where I wish Spoonflower had better tools — if I could make a default set for a new collection, and just change variables as needed (keyword pink changing to purple, for example), it would save masses of time. All of this snowdrop pattern has the same description and extended description, and right now, for each color change, I need to cut and paste those descriptions. Tedious and time-consuming.

It’d also be nice if I could batch change the sizing — if I make a whole set of colors in a small repeat, but want all of them available in both a tiny repeat (for masks, say), and an extra-large one (for wallpaper), I have to do each of those manually. Batch processing, folks. It’s your friend.

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