A Frenzied Whirl

Moments at ICFA:

• BIG bird flying overhead

• signing a stack of Wild Cards books at the autographing

• dragging a friend over to take a picture with me because just look at our dresses, how perfect is that??!

• figuring out that Door Dash works well for giving an alternative to hotel restaurant food (we ordered from Chuy’s, I got the chicken fajitas, it was enough food that I didn’t even get through half of it myself, but it was good for sharing with the crowd poolside, and Nancy swapped her pickled jalapeños for my refried beans, and we were both much happier with our meals)

• figuring out that the hotel is perfectly willing to let me order an affordable breakfast in the size I actually want (one egg, over-easy, one slice of toasted sourdough bread, with coffee and orange juice), yay

In half an hour, I’ll be hosting the SLF shared world writing panel, but for now, I’m going to make a cup of tea and tuck up in my hotel room bed for 30 minutes of quiet. It’s been a frenzied whirl.

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