Hit the Spot

Got to Orlando airport, was starving, but happy to grab two empanadas for lunch. Yay, eating Cuban food in Florida. 🙂 Not haute cuisine — it’s airport fast food. But it hit the spot.

Marriott gave me a really nice room — I don’t know if they’ve upgraded all the rooms here in the last few years, during the pandemic, or if I just happened to get a nicer room than normal.

But this is going to be great — I’m hoping to record some interviews for the SLF while I’m here, once I get myself organized, and this lounge-y area is going to work really well for that, I think. I can even interview 2-3 people at once with this set-up.

It’s always a little challenging if the only place to sit is on the bed, but public spaces are often too noisy for good recordings. This should work really well. Yay.

I slept really badly last night, was very groggy this morning, and managed to forget to pack my iPad, my Kindle (both left charging on my nightstand, sigh), and my Vyvanse (prescription wasn’t ready yesterday, meant to pick it up on way to airport today, sigh… Well, I’ll cope. It’s maybe just as well I don’t have the iPad, less temptation to play games instead of writing, but the Kindle is very helpful for getting to sleep. I’ll just have to swim a lot and tire myself out…

Okay, off to registration, drop off some books in the new BIPOC exhibit space, drop off some books for consignment sale in the book room (I brought a few copies of The Stars Change, Perennial, and Survivor, the anthology J.J. Pionke and I edited, SF/F stories of trauma and survival).

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