Garden Log 3/5/22

It’s gorgeous outside today, and there’s lots of outside tasks to do, not to mention that I have a host of seedlings to transplant, but apparently my brain decided that today was the day I would plant up the terrarium my in-laws bought me for my Christmas present, so here we are. (Thanks, Ann Whyte!)

This is a closed terrarium, so suitable for ferns and other humidity-loving plants. If you want succulents, go for an open terrarium! I like this style because I don’t have to remember to water it very often — a little bit every other week or so should be plenty, since the glass will hold in the moisture.

The orchid in its pot was a little too tall for the terrarium, but I really wanted an orchid in there! They provide such lovely color. I picked one that’s still mostly buds, which means it’ll probably bloom for at least a month or two. In theory, I’d then cycle it out and cycle a new one in, and hopefully get this one to rebloom with appropriate care, but I haven’t quite learned how to do that yet. Maybe this year!

For $3.99, though, I’m okay buying a mini orchid every 2-3 months. (I picked up this one, and the other terrarium plants, at City Escape Greenhouse, which is around 3000 W. Lake. Nice to stop at on my way home from work. They don’t have much in yet, but SOON. They’re a little pricey generally, but these plants were reasonable.)

I put in the gravel layer (for good drainage), and sprinkled some activated charcoal on top (to retard bacteria growth). The orchid was a little too tall in its pot, but no worries — I took it out of the pot! Still too tall. Hm. I pulled away some of the moss and spread the roots a bit, lowering the overall height, then planted it in the center of the gravel, packing the moss back around the base. Is this the best thing for the orchid? Possibly not, but I’ve done this kind of thing before and they’ve survived. 🙂

Then a layer of potting soil, then tucking in the little plants. (You *could* leave them in their pots, but I’d actually plant them, so the roots can spread out and they have a chance to get a little bigger.)

That’s it! Is so cute, I can’t even. And since I live in a Victorian, it feels particularly appropriate to have glass terrariums around.

Next goal: terrarium coffee table! It’s going to be awesome. I’ve actually bought the table, just need to plant it up. Although the room I’d have that in gets almost no direct sunlight (overhanging porch), so I’m a little unclear on what I should plant there. Suggestions welcome. The table is also not quite as airtight as this little terrarium — lots of fairly large gaps around the glass, if that’s relevant.

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