A Full-On Cold

I woke up at 5:30 with a cold, or rather, I’ve had the beginnings of a cold for a few days, but today it was clearly a full-on cold, so I had a super-slow morning — I went back to sleep until 7:30, then lay in bed playing video games on my phone (Polytopia), then went downstairs and had leftover pizza and tea and meds, and then sent a couple urgent e-mails and went back to playing on my phone, then put a load of laundry in and took one out and put away some clothes, then got dressed properly and took DayQuil to go join the podcast Zoom call with Darius Vinesar and Benjamin Rosenbaum — we’re not recording today, but we spent two hours on the Zoom anyway, making various plans for what we’re going to record in season 2, when we’re meeting up at conventions in the next few months (WisCon programming sign-ups close tomorrow, folks, register and sign up now), and the DayQuil kicked in at some point in there, so now I feel like Superman because I can think again, which is good, because I got almost nothing done yesterday (family low-grade crisis required most of the day), and the e-mails are threatening to topple over and bury me now, so I’m going to find some lunch and exercise and then it’s just me and my computer for the rest of the day, I think, although if I get to a point when I can’t stand staring at it anymore, I might sew something or plant something or cook something, we’ll see, oh, but first I have to send Ben both Jump Space and Liminal Space because he claims he’s going to read both of them and give me feedback. Eventually, anyway. 🙂

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