An Earlier Schedule

Setting an intention: I’d REALLY like to get on an earlier schedule. I made a stab at it last fall, was moving towards it, and then other things intervened and I lost it, and was back to bed at 11.

I’m not going to try to shift it a lot this week, especially since I was on CA time the last few days — I went to bed after midnight last night. But I think back to bed at 11 this week, trying to be strict about it, then shifting an hour earlier next week, and then an hour earlier the week after that.

I’m aiming for bed by 9, up at 5, so I can go back to what I used to do — 2-3 hours of writing before I have to do anything else in the world. I think a lot of my stress is feeling like I have so many work tasks that I can’t carve out writing time — going out of town works very well, but is expensive and disruptive to do every month. Now that the kids are older, it seems like I really should be able to get back on a 5-9 schedule.

I have books to write, people. Lots of books. Wish me luck!

(Photos: scribbled notes from the plane. I get lots of work done on planes, generally, but I can’t actually live on planes all the time. Must find other ways to trap myself in a place and force myself to write.)

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