Pomme Frites

Last fancy meal in Palm Springs — French / Belgian place, Pomme Frites. Everything was very good, and I got to try marrow, which I haven’t had straight up before, I think — I usually think of it as something to cook as part of a stew or curry. Interesting! With sweet fresh peas and a balsamic reduction, yum.

Favorite dish was the mussels in a Mediterranean broth; I get this kind of thing often, but this time, it was spicy, which made it ten times better for me, of course. 🙂

Very amused by the child’s scissors served with the French onion soup — is that standard somewhere?

Extensive French wine list, if you like that kind of thing. I know nothing about wine, but our Sauvignon Blanc was very nice, and went beautifully with the mussels.

We ended up too full to actually order dessert, but the nice men at the next table kindly let me take a photo of their dessert sampler.

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