Soup and Coffee

San Jacinto Peak: I wasn’t that hungry, so I ended up just getting a bowl of zucchini soup (tasty, a little over-salted for me, and it didn’t come with bread, which surprised me, but the nice waiter ran off and got the chef to make me some lovely toasted & buttered bread to go with it — people are sometimes so kind to you when you’re traveling, if you’re lucky) and a cup of coffee.

I sat and wrote for a while, finished drafting the book (yay!), and then, fortified, set off for a short hike. This would also be a lovely place to sit and draw; the light is terrific. Note for visiting — the elevator (from the bottom of the mountain station to the top, I think) is currently out, and in general, the hikes are not wheelchair-accessible.

There were a few people doing the shortest, easiest hike with the aid of a cane, but because the ground on the trail is often covered in snow, I wouldn’t recommend attempting it if you’re unstable on your feet. I saw a bunch of kids tumbling at various points when they slipped on icy patches. Wear good shoes for hiking, and be prepared for them to get a little wet if you’re not careful about avoiding puddles.

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