Palm Springs Sunday

I have a little patio outside my room, nice for reading or writing, though it was often a bit chilly for working outdoors. It’s warm when the sun is on you, but hard to use a laptop in bright sunlight. So most of the working has been happening from bed, which is fine if I prop up kazillion pillows to support my back, and another one under the laptop. Still probably not the most ergonomic set-up ever, but it’s fine for working on semi-vacation.

Pro-tip, if you get a mango margarita, and ask if it comes with chili and salt on the rim, the nice server might say, “Oh, I can ask them to add that for you.” SO yummy.

That fruit plate was for five of us, but I think I ended up eating half of it in the end. I am very fond of fruit. 🙂

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