Garden Log 2/5/22

Removing domes! It’s a week since I started seeds, and while some of them haven’t done anything yet, most are sprouting green bits, which is very exciting. Once you see green, it’s time to remove the humidity dome (if you were using one to help germination).

That always makes me a bit nervous, because I am NOT GOOD at reliably watering, and once the dome is off, it’s more likely that I will forget to water and my poor little seedlings will crisp up and die. But I’m going to try to be careful this winter, check it every few days, and hopefully the large self-watering trays will help keep these wee beauties alive. Fingers crossed!

I can already tell that I’m going to have way more leeks and artichokes than I’ll have room to plant, so will be posting to the local garden group offering up leek and artichoke seedlings. 🙂 There will undoubtedly be others soon.

More info on how you use humidity domes:…/how-to-use-humidity…

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