Everything Ombré Today

Today’s #pandemicfashion for teaching features ombré purple hair, fabulous ombré earrings by Alix Mikesell (and there will be more of her fabulous earrings available at our party on the 12th, if you’d like to swing by, locals!), and an ombré mask — trying a new style.

Everything ombré today. 🙂 Alix’s earrings aren’t really technically ombré, I suppose, more mixed colors, but it works similarly… If you can’t come to the party, you can shop her jewelry here: https://alixmikesell.com

This is a KF Korean-style respirator mask, in Blackcurrant Ombré (https://masklab.us/…/blackcurrant-ombre-adult-korean…). It was too loose for me, fogging up my glasses, but I tied up the elastics a bit, and now it fits fine.

Not quite as bright in person as it looks in their website photos, but just fine, and I got a compliment on it from a colleague, which was nice!

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