Any TV Suggestions?

We’re thinking of starting up family show before bed again, which we did for much of the pandemic. Something to get us through the end of winter. We have previously watched all of Dr. Who (after the reboot) and The Good Place together. The Good Place worked REALLY WELL for all of us.

Anand is 12 (and doesn’t like humiliation humor AT ALL), Kavi is 14. I was pitching Star Trek, but so far, they are unconvinced. Admittedly, it’s a little difficult figuring out which Trek to start them on.

Funny is good, smart is good. Suggestions welcome.

Editing to note: At least 3 of the 4 of us have already watched Avatar, Legend of Korra, Schitt’s Creek, She-Ra, The Mandalorian, the Marvel TV shows, Kipo, Steven Universe, Ted Lasso, Resident Alien, The Librarians, Timeless, Atypical, One Day at a Time.

Editing also to note that we’re planning to watch nightly, so new shows that only air once/week are not as good for this. Ideally, this is something where the whole show is available.

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