A Resin Beginner

Spent a little time just now taking photos of some of my resin jewelry. I’m still a resin beginner and make a lot of mistakes, but I’m happy with these pieces, and I thought they deserved better photographs than the ones I’d taken before.

We’re having a quiet January at Serendib House, with the start of the semester being busy for me, and all the staff staying remote to work due to the Omicron surge, but it’s a nice time to catch up on half-finished projects. No more making more jewelry until I at least photograph and list these pieces!

I think we’ll probably be doing a Valentine’s Day event; we’re hoping to release my first book as an e-book for the first time, Torn Shapes of Desire, so that’s exciting. Erotica + romantic poetry. Nice for a gift, perhaps (or a gift for yourself), esp. when accompanied by a little jewelry and some passionfruit marshmallows, spicy chocolate truffles, or Sri Lankan milk toffee? 🙂 More soon…

(If you want to be tagged in when we announce the sale, comment on this post!)

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