Comfortably Ensconced

Day two of remote for Anand; he’s comfortably ensconced, reading a book aloud to his class in this photo, and is a pretty self-sufficient (6th grader) at the whole remote thing at this point. We’re really lucky our kids were older during all this.

I got a slow start; I stayed up a little too late video gaming last night, so am groggy this morning. But I’ve dropped Kavi at school, had Kevin’s homemade banana bread slathered with Kerrygold Irish butter, and am working on my tea. Should be awake soon, hopefully!

Plan for today: Watch Foyle’s War and answer e-mail for an hour, cover design meeting with Emmanuel, prep for teaching 11-12, teach 12-3, and then I’m done with formal commitments for the day. I have a few hours of work I’d like to do for the SLF, reviewing the staff’s end-of-year thoughts and visions for 2022, so hoping to get to that today; if not, tomorrow.

No writing since I got home, so I think I’m going to try to plan for that tomorrow morning. I’d like to keep my weekends free of work, in theory, but if I don’t get writing done during the week, then I think I should try to make Saturday morning catch-up time. I don’t want to get in the same situation I was in last fall, when I basically went three months without writing. I have books to finish, people….

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