The Restaurant at Ten Thousand Waves

Writing retreat, Santa Fe. We ordered way too much food at Izanami, the restaurant at Ten Thousand Waves, but in our defense, we ate leftovers for the next three days. The “outside” patio is only sort of outside, since there’s lots of plexiglas, but it does a reasonable job of balancing COVID safety with being warm enough to be comfortable even in winter — powerful heaters in the ceiling, and a lovely heavy blanket at every seat, that you can drape over your legs while you eat. Delightful.

If you go, my favorite dish was the lobster risotto, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the fried oysters with pickled onions — crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Yum. The wagyu steak entree is big enough to divide between 2-3 people, and everything they served with it was delicious, from the wild mushrooms to the roasted garlic to the cheesy baked potato to the chimichurri sauce

Finally, the sake tasting flight was a great way to taste and learn about different kinds of sake, affordably and without getting too hammered. 🙂

(Sorry a couple of the photos are blurry; my phone had died, so I borrowed Alex’s for the pictures, and I wasn’t quite familiar with how it worked.)

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