December 31st, New Year’s Eve

Traditional time for taking stock of one’s life, yes? I thought I’d spend some time today talking through…um, I’m honestly not sure what to call it.

• the ongoing transition from ‘Mary Anne needs an assistant’ to ‘somehow she’s ended up with a staff that she can’t quite afford yet’?

• or ‘how to start a small business without quite intending to?’

• or ‘scope creep!’

• or ‘it’s a small press! it’s a shelter magazine! it’s a handcrafted sweets / soaps / textiles business!’

• or, ‘I love my life and everything I do but it is very very complicated, and we may run out of money in a month…’

Eep. Okay, so I’m going to do this in stages over the course of the day, I think, because it’s a little overwhelming even to think about it, much less write it all out. I’ll go back when I’m done and put in parts 1 of 4 and such, once I know how many parts there are, and link so you can easily follow along.

More soon. 🙂

(Photo of little lighted tree next to our little free library.)

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