Poised and Ready

Kavi and Anand waiting their turn to open their big present, poised and ready! Bodie is clearly amused. (They got a set of laser tag guns, so I guess we’re going to be running around doing that sometime soon…). Bodie and me with my new slipper socks, very warm!

That last photo isn’t a great pic of either Maya or Kavi, but I was amused that Kavi willingly put a santa hat on her head. These days, she’s doing a lot of experimenting with style and presentation, which I think is probably very appropriate for freshman year of high school, and it’s interesting to see how that evolves.

Kavi’s not quite as self-conscious as she was a year ago, and is more willing to experiment or be silly again — really nice to see. It made me sad when she gave up all her flip sequins and bright colors and went super-neutral in middle school, but thankfully, she seems to be growing out of that hyper-conformity!

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