Flashback to Solstice

Alex and Christa had a small birthday party for a friend of theirs. (My niece, Savreen, is also a solstice baby — happy belated birthday, sweetie! Your presents are waiting at home for when you return from your travels…)

We had a fair bit of discussion about whether Kevin (and Jed, who we were visiting next) would be comfortable with us attending a party, but:

a) everyone was vaccinated and boosted,
b) people were testing in advance,
c) case counts are still not TOO high in Marin

d) and it was a relatively small group — two other families in addition to ours and theirs

We decided it was an acceptable level of risk.

Kevin ended up peeling off anyway a day early, to go spend a day visiting his high school best friend — parties are really not so much his thing anyway — but the kids and I attended.

We tested the next day before going to Jed’s — all clear so far. We’re with Kevin’s family the rest of the trip, so I’m not sure there’s much reason to test again while we’re here — we either have it or we don’t, and I gather test kits are running low, so if we don’t have a good reason to test, we might as well leave those for others who really need them.

Stay safe, peoples. Be prudent, be wise, be vaccinated and boosted. I want all of you with us to celebrate wildly next Christmas.

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