First Two Weeks of Semester Will Be Online

UIC has just let us know that we’re going to do the first two weeks of spring semester classes online, given the rise of Omicron, what’s known as an adaptive pause. I’m glad they’re letting us know now, rather than just before the semester starts; it’ll let me plan better for two weeks of fully online classes, which will look different than how I’d handle the material in-person.

Am I tempted to extend my writing retreat in Santa Fe for two more weeks? (I’m currently scheduled to return home the day before classes start.) A little bit tempted. But I’ll come home and help Kevin with the kids — a 6-day writing retreat is already quite a gift from my partner.

“Classes will be online for the first two weeks, Monday, Jan. 10 through Sunday, Jan. 23. Exceptions will be made for the health sciences colleges, labs, clinics, internships and other classes that cannot be offered virtually, including those that start before Jan. 10. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the colleges and the academic departments and units in the coming weeks.

In-person classes are expected to resume Monday, Jan. 24.”

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