Useful Meeting

Special board meeting added on short notice tonight, 7:30 – 10:00. This one was re: new COVID mitigations after a spike at the high school, and I had some questions that were answered by the administration and the health director. I really hope the CDC / FDA approve boosters for 14-18 year olds as soon as possible. (Apparently January is looking likely?)

I’ve been really dismayed by some of the personal attacks and abuse that have been hurled at our health director this weekend (there’s video floating around, if you want to look for it), and I appreciate, as a board member, having an opportunity to publicly denounce that behavior.

Argue, criticize, disagree all you want with people in power. I’ll always support your right to protest. But shouting over a medical person when they’re trying to answer your question with the medical information you asked for, drowning them out with epithets like “Idiot!”, is just appalling behavior. I know it’s impossibly hard when our kids are hurting, but this just isn’t okay. It doesn’t help anything.

So, useful meeting, but I am very tired, and I’m going to go pour myself into bed now.

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