It’s Monday of Finals Week

. My students’ final papers and projects are mostly due by midnight tonight, so tomorrow will be a big grading day; today is in theory more free. What I really want to do is spend the day decorating the house with holiday delightfulness, OR play video games all day — it’s been a long semester, people. But I have a long to-do list, so I think that’s going to have to mostly wait.

I did get up the kids’ countdown-to-Christmas — we got a new one this year (Target), after many years of using one Kevin’s mom made, which has over time lost most of the little ornaments that you pinned to a Christmas tree above. I’ll save it, in case one of them wants it someday for their own families — it just needs a bunch of tiny ornaments to refresh it. But for now, this works well for our primary purpose, which is giving each kid a little Hershey kiss every day in December until Christmas. They love it. It’s nice to have a little Christmas festive. More soon.

Plans for today:

• actually do treadmill in the morning, the way I’m supposed to every morning, but somehow mostly just stopped during the semester, sigh — DONE!
• reschedule Ellie’s vet appt. that’s today because the end of the week is less crowded — hopefully they can do that for me — DONE!
• check on Kavi’s therapy referral (she’s got some school anxiety and we’d like an ADD evaluation) — DONE (well, at least I got the call in)
• swing by the bank and see if I can sort out the SLF / Serendib access issue that our finance manager is having (v. annoying for her, and I’ve been terrible at dealing with it, but I’m going to just do it today, dammit) — DONE, I think
• sew three Interstellar Patreon scarves — DONE!
• pack and ship remaining Patreon tiers — DONE!
• 12:00 — meet with Stephanie to plan Serendib stuff for the week — DONE!
• 1:30 — meet with SLF staff — DONE!

• 4:00 — attend call re: some local politics issues — DONE!

Maybe some holiday decorating and/or video-gaming in the evening, if I am very good and focused between now and then. We’ll see!


• drop off six more HC and six more PB of Feast to Carnivore Oak Park, because they’ve been selling nicely, and they’re about to run out!
• check on fabric availability for outstanding orders — order fabric if needed
• pack and ship flash sale orders
• pack and ship Serendib orders that are ready
• revise and restart Kickstarter
• revise Vegan Serendib manuscript (Stephanie had a lot of little questions for me, but this should be fairly quick; also look at test cook recipe notes and make adjustments)
• cook mango fluff — I’m going to try to squeeze this last recipe into the cookbook, if I can make a vegan version that works
• cook broccoli varai and uppuma (we need new photographs of both, because they ones I have also have eggs or meat in the picture)

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