Using My Couch Time Wisely

I’m sick, sadly, with some stupid stomach bug, so have spent most of today on the couch. But I can say that I have used this time wisely to catch up on TV, and:

• The Princess Switch: Romancing the Star is just as dumb as 1 & 2 in the series, but oddly watchable nonetheless. Kavi objected strenuously to the accents, the acting, etc., but I think she just doesn’t appreciate that they’re not TRYING to be good actors in this…

• Love Hard is actually pretty cute, I think. I think it’d be better to watch it without knowing anything about it, except that it’s in the general category of Christmas romantic comedy. If you read reviews, or even blurbs, they’ll likely give away a major plot point. (It’s not the end of the world if you know that in advance, but I think you’d miss a little of the impact.)

SIDE NOTE: I do find her writing job entirely implausible, and I had to keep from griping about that through much of the movie.

• Discovery episode 2 continues good.

• Blown Away: Christmas was satisfying to watch. Fire! Glass-blowing! Pretty Christmas designs! 4 episodes for the whole thing.

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