A Long Travel Day

We eventually made it over to the hotel — my sister’s arranged a few days of celebratory activities for my mom’s 70th, and we’re staying at a local hotel together (in Cromwell). It was totally delightful seeing my niece Savreen, who is now 4 and 3/4 (actually almost 11/12ths, but shh…); she is absolutely a ball of energy. Made me tired just looking at her bouncing off the hotel bed!

It was a very long travel day (on four hours of sleep, alas), with some challenging eldercare elements, so I was pretty happy to collect a glass of wine from the bistro downstairs, and a few cookies for the kids.

Now Anand has conked out, and Kavi and I are curled up watching Gilmore Girls together. (Kevin stayed home for this trip; he has some work responsibilities that would’ve made it tough for him to come for more than a day. The pets are happy.)

G’night, peeps. Sleep well.

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