If I Had a Little Sale…

Kevin and Jed both asked how the sales went at the bazaar yesterday, and it’s sort of funny, because I think I sold about $500 – $600 of product (mostly sweets and curry powder, but also a few unicorn tea towels, cookbooks, resin keychains and bookmarks)…

…but I also spent close to that amount in buying other peoples’ work. In my defense, a good amount of that was Christmas shopping for gifts.

Also, it’s lovely to support other makers! So satisfying. I am very tempted to do an entirely local-gifted Christmas this year, if I can pull it off. No Amazon, yay. 🙂

Some of it was just for me — living in Chicago, I’m constantly fighting the cold, dry skin for at least four months of the year, so I invested in some lovely products from DermaPhilia.

Ellen Gordon-Lewis makes these (first photo); she was so nice, and her Lotus cream smells and feels great on my skin! I think she’s a nurse, and her products are all-natural, made without parabens, sulfates and artificial fragrances.


Question — if I had a little sale at my house in early December (probably the first or second weekend), would anyone be interested? It’d be my stuff, plus some other makers, I think. Trying to figure out if it’s worth the effort to organize.

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