A Photo of This Morning

I was chatting with someone at the Oak Park Makers Bazaar yesterday (and how glorious was it to sit outside for five hours in beautiful weather and just chat with people? I miss people. Hooray vaccinations!), and she said something about how my house always looked so beautiful in FB photos, so I am taking this opportunity to note again that I mostly only put up photos of rooms that are currently clean.

Please assume that at any given moment, only 1/4 of my house is clean. 🙂 Unless it’s every other Tuesday and the cleaners have just come, in which case the floors and the surfaces will all be actually clean, but that doesn’t mean there won’t still be piles of stuff all over. The cleaners despair of me, I think — every two weeks, I tell them, “I’m making progress on the organization, really!” They are starting to learn not to believe me. (But I *am* making progress. Very very slow progress.)

Anyway, here’s a photo from this morning, when daylight savings time meant that I woke up to sunshine streaming through my window, which was very nice, and I have not cropped out the pile of folded laundry on the floor waiting to be put away, or the ladder and fairy lights waiting to be hung up, or the basket of crocheted afghan project, which I still haven’t figured out where it should go in the bedroom…

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