Wikipedia Pages on Sri Lankan Writers Is a Mess

Gah. The Wikipedia pages on Sri Lankan writers are a mess. I think we’re going to have to prioritize including Wikipedia editing as one of the things we do on the Portolan Project — there’s a name for that, right, when you get a group of people together to fix Wikipedia pages? I think we may want to put a group of volunteers together to work on that.

For Sri Lanka in particular:

– Sri Lankan literature gives you a fair number of writers, but it’s pretty heavily weighted towards Sinhala writers, hardly any Tamil writers listed (and I’m not listed in the diaspora writers or Tamil writers sections, which makes me cranky) —

– and then there’s a ‘list of Sri Lankan writers’ on a different page, which is very short, and also seems to have a weird name error near the top:

– then there’s subcategories like this:…/Category:Sri_Lankan_Tamil…

It’s just all an incoherent mess. I’m listed in a few places, but not in most of them. But more importantly, there’s no consistency and most of the pages are woefully incomplete. 🙁

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