Day One of Kickstarter

Day one of the Kickstarter, and we’re chugging along nicely — $673 into a $13,500 goal, with 28 days to go. Please like / comment / share for visibility!…/the-slfs-portolan…/


Curious what it’s all about? Well, part of the project involves free creative writing lessons, available to all. These can be used by writers working on their own, by small writing workshops, or by teachers in the classroom. They’d even be fun prompts for book club!

Check out these discussion questions from our module on author Paolo Bacigalupi, including his tips for writing characters in values fiction:

– The focus on a ‘chosen one’ or set of heroes as the solution to the problems presented in values fiction can be limiting for a narrative’s overall message. Why do you think this would be? Are there any broader societal implications for ‘chosen one’ style-plots? Is there a situation in which this narrative structure would be useful?

– Bacigalupi says that writing fully “lived-in”, interesting characters with varied perspectives on the topic at hand is more effective in getting your message across than creating characters who specifically espouse your values. Do you agree with Bacigalupi? As a reader, what do you find you relate most to in the characters you read?

Link to full module here, including a clip from my interview with Paolo:…/paolo-bacigalupi/

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