Re-reading Butler and Delany

Re-reading recently, in preparation for teaching, thinking about what I want to say about these texts this time — it always changes, as I change, as the world changes.

Sometimes I would dearly like a sabbatical, to just write and sink into it, take a real break from all the logistics of teaching, responding to student e-mails, reviewing their theses and rough drafts and papers, etc. and so on.

But sometimes I’m also just wildly grateful that this is part of my job, that I get to re-read Butler and Delany and get paid for it.

Samuel Delany, “Aye and Gomorrah”

Samuel R. Delany, “Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones”

Octavia Butler, Dawn, chapters 1-3
Octavia Butler, Kindred (“Prologue,” “The River,” “The Fire”)

for grad students: Kindred introduction

(Hey, Chip. Your stories — they hold up. They hold up beautifully.)

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