Party Last Night

Kavi and I went to Dani’s quince, much fun. Dani is one of Kavi’s oldest friends — I met her mom, Alli Bax, when the girls were both 2 or so.

For the party, they had kids indoors with masks (we had them take them off briefly for this outdoor photo), adults on the porch unmasked. Sushi for dinner, along with rice and curry and other yummies, ice cream cake and tres leches cake for dessert (yum — one of the kids, Christie (sp?), made the tres leches cake and did an amazing job), and Dani’s dad made pisco sours on the porch for the grups. So tasty!

Note Dani waving her hands to put the candles out on her cakes, because she was wearing a mask so couldn’t blow them out. Worked fine!

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