Not Bad for a Basement

This area is mostly done too, though I think I may want to swap out the blue and white floral baskets at some point — they coordinate well with my blue and white vase and candlesticks, but the whole effects ends up a little more English country kitchen than I actually want. I’m thinking maybe wire baskets instead, to tilt it a little more industrial.

The challenging thing here is figuring out which art/craft supplies I want to hide away, and which ones are fine to have visible. Or even particularly good to have visible — the fabric you can see is mostly my own Spoonflower fabric, and I leave it visible mostly so I remember that I want to make things with it. I have an ongoing to-sew list as well, but the visual cues help.

Every time I sit down here to watch a gardening or British murder mystery show, the fabrics are also in my line of sight, reminding me that I might want to be sewing or cutting at the same time. 🙂 Those little white fabric baskets are from Target.

I really like the white drawers and cupboard doors for the Kallax shelving from IKEA — they take a little bit of arm strength to screw into the pressboard, but not too bad, and they make the unit SO much more functional for craft supplies.

I do want a little bit of living plants down here, but faux plants let me add some instant greenery and give a more organic feel to the area. Not bad for a basement! Now I just need to buy some more lightbulbs, so I can turn on that second light…

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