Garden Log 8/29/21

The basement re-org is proceeding apace, and I now have an IKEA shelving unit helping to create some more storage space in the garden area. I’m not quite done with the cleanout, but almost, which means I can think about what I’m actually going to grow again.

I had a tough May — I was just exhausted after teaching remote all school year, and I think I hit my limits — I failed to get any of my greenhouse seedlings into the ground, and also my dahlias and glads. Very frustrating. I still need to go clean all the dead plants out of the greenhouse, which I may send Kevin to go do, because I’m not sure I have the heart.

I already had him clean out the dead seedlings under the grow lights that never made it out to the greenhouse. I guess I’ve learned the lesson that there’s no point in going to the effort of starting seeds and cosseting seedlings if you’re not going to actually PLANT them….sigh.

And still, I’m not entirely discouraged, and am wondering if there are any seedlings that someone might start now. I’m teaching in-person now, which I honestly find much easier and more fun, so I’m hopeful that I’ll have the energy to follow through this time. Maybe it’s not too late to start fall veggies? Advice very welcome — I’ve never grown fall veggies, so I have no clue. (The vegetable beds are currently infested with weeds, but I can address that.)

Similarly, I’m wondering if there’s any point to planting my gladioli and dahlias in pots now. Should I wait ’til March? I’m worried that they’ll dry out if they sit for so long in their plastic & shredded paper bags. Should I just transfer them into my normal bulb storage and start sprinkling them with water periodically? Advice, please?

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