This one means a lot to me

Another mask of my own fabric design, this time with a coordinating scarf (same pattern, different scale). This is my “Perennial” pattern — it’s made of the sketches I did during cancer treatment, which are part of the little cancer romance I wrote, Perennial.

It’s a mix of botanicals with elements like cells undergoing too-rapid mitosis, the underlying structure of the breast (which looks like a flower, it turns out), and a cancer cell (which also looks like a flower). The mask is in cotton (with filter fabric), the scarf in poly crepe de chine; I love the drape on it.

I think I’m going to order some of the small-scale in a knit fabric too, so I can try making a chemo cap out of it. There was a lot of time during cancer treatment when I couldn’t care less what I was wearing — I just wanted to be done.

But I could imagine a woman who wants to be beautifully coordinated even during treatment. Breast surgery, losing your hair during chemo, effects on skin and nails — all of it can be hard on your self-image. Maybe this will help someone a little bit. I hope so. This one means a lot to me.

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