Poly book recommendations?

Book rec question. I was trying to think of serious literary fiction that does a good job with poly representation.

Michael Chabon has a threesome novel, for example. It’s okay, but it was his first book, and it’s a college summer romance kind of thing, where they [spoiler] break up at the end, so a little frustrating from my POV.

I’d love other recommendations, because I realize I’m having trouble coming up with much of anything. Prefer contemporary to historical — there are some novels about famous menages, for example, and I’m less interested in that at the moment.

(Mary Anne, are you thinking about writing a set of interrelated poly short stories? Hush. Maybe. I don’t know.)


Editing to note: Sorry, to clarify, when I say ‘serious literary fiction,’ I mean mainstream stuff, ideally of the kind where the relationship is the central story. Sometimes categorized with women’s fiction because of the romantic relationship, but not necessarily, see also male college professor having an affair with his grad student, etc. The kind of thing that might get nominated for lit. awards like the Pulitzer.

So I’m not looking for comps in SF/F, mystery, romance — I can come up with lots of examples there.

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