RWA Nashville Retreat Notes: Tasting Many Different Things

I think it was Friday night when I was too busy writing to try to take time to go out and get a nice dinner, so I ended up at one of the hotel restaurants to try the buffet. I always feel a little goofy at this kind of buffet, because I’m paying $30 (once you include tip) and then usually not eating very much. But on the plus side, it was a very extensive buffet and I ended up trying a bunch of things, and I do love tasting many different things.

The pork with mustard sauce was very good, also the hot cauliflower, which was new to me as a concept. Yum! It was nice to have shrimp and grits again, but Paul Ketzle, your cheese grits are better. I suspect they are the platonic ideal of grits in my head. 🙂

The fried green tomatoes were a bit disappointing — too much breading, not enough tangy tomato goodness. Alas. Not pictured, the fried chicken with honey, which was also yummy, though by that point, I could only manage two bites of it! And I didn’t even order the biscuits, they just brought them to my table…but I did have a little bit, and they were good.

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