Collecting My Wild Cards Pieces

In the writing housekeeping category, I collected all my Wild Cards pieces — there are more than I’d remembered. 🙂

Fort Freak: “Sanctuary”
Lowball: “Ties that Bind”
Low Chicago: “A Beautiful Façade”
Three Kings: (co-written mosaic novel)
Deuces Down, revised edition, Jan 2021: “Tasty”
Joker Moon: “The Moon Maid”

(Sleeper Straddle, forthcoming): “The Bloody Eagle”
(House Rules, forthcoming): “Lady Sri Extricates Herself, Emerging Not Entirely Unscathed”

Will repost shortly with links to all the ones that are out of their exclusivity period.

(Have I mentioned that I really love the Joker Moon cover? I really love the Joker Moon cover. The artist gets me. I should find out who did that. I think it might be Michael Komarck? I wonder if the original cover art is available. I wonder if I can afford to buy it.)

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