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Folks, I have finally found a pair of waterproof headphones I can use for swimming and this makes me SO happy. I spent much of last summer trying to research this, off and on, and everything I looked at seemed like it wasn’t going to work, because once you go underwater, Bluetooth fails.

So what you really need is essentially an MP3 player that you pre-load with songs, and that’s fine…

…but also, I have weird-shaped ears, and most headphones don’t work for my ears, they really hurt after a little while, but now I have finally gotten around to trying waterproof bone conduction headphones (with a built-in MP3 player) and they turn out to be perfectly functional for me. No more ear pain!

So yes, you have to pre-load the songs, and the controls are a little minimal — you can adjust volume, and set it to play the songs in order, on repeat, or shuffled, but I don’t think you can skip, which is a little sub-par, but it is a very small complaint in the overall joy of being able to swim and happily listen to music at the same time. YAY.

Will link to the brand I bought in comments — it is not cheap, $150, so brace yourself. It’s likely that there are others that do the same thing, possibly for cheaper, but I can’t vouch for any other brands. They picture it worn with a swim cap, but I tried it without, and it stayed on just fine.


(I didn’t have an appropriate hashtag, so what the heck, #serendibfitness it is. There may never be another #serendibfitness post, but maybe there will be, you never know.)

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