Working on Being Okay

Working on being okay with my current bikini body. It’s not so easy, folks, esp. because it’s not just about not being thin.

In this photo, I’m noticing my port scar (from chemo), the acne scars on my face (worse acne this past year than any other time in my life; I think I might actually need to see a dermatologist about it, sigh — don’t know whether to blame pandemic stress or menopause or both), the stretch marks I’ve had on my breasts since they suddenly apeared and grew fast in 4th grade, the mama belly that I’m sucking in for the photo, the angle I took the pic at to avoid the arm fat bulges….and I probably should schedule that dentist visit I’ve been avoiding, because the tea / coffee stains on my teeth are getting pretty noticeable.

I know that no one actually cares about what my body looks like poolside except me; I just have to keep telling myself that.

<hugs> and love to everyone struggling with this kind of thing right now; I hope if you like swimming, you’ll put that wonderful body of yours in a swimsuit and get yourself to the water this summer.

(Hello to those of my readers on the other side of the planet. Same to you in six months. :-))

On the plus side, I found a cute swimsuit with matching cover-up that I really like at Forever 21 for very cheap when birthday shopping with Kavi, so that was a nice surprise.

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