A Nice Time at Camp Bullfrog

Overall, nice time at Camp Bullfrog, despite the lack of sleep. Definitely going to plan on at least two nights next time we go out.

I might take Kavi and her girlfriends in a month or so, when they’re all fully-vaccinated, if their parents agree; I think that could be really fun for them, esp. if I can figure out a way to bring both kayaks, so they can all be out on the water at once. Might need one of the other parents to help with drop-off / pick-up, or maybe I can borrow a larger car from a friend. Hm. It’s also dependent on coordinating with everyone’s schedules, having a cabin available then, etc. We’ll see.

Pictured here, Kevin showing the kids how to skip stones. I never had any skill at that, but he can actually do it, and the kids were pretty impressed. Me too. 🙂

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