I Miss People

It is perhaps a sign of how badly I miss hosting people that I really kind of want to start planning our 30th anniversary backyard cookout (for May 2022) now. This is ridiculous, people.

But hey, while I’m here, I will just brainstorm a list of potential activities to do with out-of-town guests:

– architectural boat tour, just because it’s one of the best things to do when you visit Chicago

– reprise of Garfield Park Conservatory visit (where we held our 25th anniversary party)

– visit Planetarium (many of my friends are SF/F geeks)

– visit Art Institute (because it’s awesome)

– visit Museum of Science and Industry (ditto, see also SF/F geeks)

– Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio tour (advantage, can walk up to it from my house, stopping for lunch on Lake street along the way, maybe catch a movie at the Lake theater on the way back)

– nostalgic trip down to Hyde Park, see how campus has changed, etc. (many of our out-of-town people went to college / grad school with us there)

– take those with little kids to Lincoln Park Zoo

Okay, that’s a start. Now brain, stop thinking about this for a while, eh? We have a whole year. There will be other events in between now and then…and I *definitely* don’t need to start planning the menu yet.

[Brain responds — “But potentially it’s the menu for several days of meals, so it really would be a good idea to get started. Hoppers for Sunday brunch? Maybe make that pink champagne cake again? Definitely chicken tikka masala for the grill, that comes out so well…” Hush, brain.]

I miss people.

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