We’re Going to Have a Shindig

When you realize that your 29th anniversary was yesterday, and both of you forgot… Oh well. Time is a little blurry in pandemic land, but next year is our 30th, and ALL of our friends will be vaccinated by then, AND all the kids too, dammit, and we’re going to have a shindig.

Not a fancy shindig, but we’re thinking a huge backyard cookout kind of thing May 20-21 weekend (just before Wiscon / Memorial Day) and if our out-of-town friends want to come in again for it, we’d love to see them, and will gladly have several more meals with them while they’re here. I can cook pancakes and curry for days, I tell you…

I am very fond of this boy. There was a meme going around Facebook a while back asking what three words you’d tell your younger self, and what popped immediately into my mind was “Stick with Kevin.”

I told him this a few days later, and he objected that I had already done that, so presumably I didn’t need to be told again, but as I said in response, it was pretty iffy at points (we broke up four times, two of them quite seriously, for extended stretches), and maybe the universe could use a little extra reinforcement in that arena, if it were giving me the opportunity to go back in time.

A girl doesn’t want to take too many chances when she’s found such a good thing.

(These two photos are 20+ years apart.)

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