Cooking Sri Lankan with Mary Anne

I have to admit, I was actually super-anxious about the roti cooking class today for no good reason — it’s just been a while since we did one, I think, and I was feeling out of practice and inept. (And in fact, we meant to record it and didn’t manage to, so sorry about that, folks — can’t post it! Tech, bah.)

But it actually went fine, the class itself was quite fun (esp. with Pooja Makhijani interviewing me through it), my roti taste good (the kids like them!), and I think I want to do more of these, get back in the habit again. But I also am not sure I have the brainpower to commit in advance to particular dishes. Hm.

Would there be any interest in a “Cooking Sri Lankan with Mary Anne” sequence of classes this summer? The idea would be something like:

– classes will be Sunday afternoons, for about 1 – 1.5 hrs
– you’ll get a recipe and list of ingredients by the Thursday beforehand
– classes will be recorded for posting online, so you need to either be okay with being recorded or plan to have your video off (but it’s nice if some people leave theirs on, so I feel like I’m talking to actual people)
– we do a sequence of 6 paid classes (pay very nominal though — mostly I just want to avoid people signing up, taking a slot, and then not showing up, so maybe $5 / class)
– limit class size to 25 max

– have Darius Vinesar attending so he can handle recording and also reading off chat questions to me; I can’t actually see the screen well enough to read them while I’m cooking

Thoughts? I could do one vegetarian / vegan sequence to start, and then maybe a non-veg if it went well and I decided to do it again.

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