Quick COVID Note

The new CDC guidelines say that if you’re vaccinated, you can stop wearing a mask outdoors.

I’m planning to keep wearing my mask outdoors for now, and probably for at least another month or two, mostly because people can’t tell if I’m vaccinated or not by looking. (If you come by the house for the outdoor sale on Sunday, I’ll be wearing a mask!)

I think it’s important to model good behavior for a while longer, esp. since we’re still trying to convince people to *get* vaccinated, and until they do, we need them to keep wearing their masks. I think it’s too early for all of us to just shed our masks, willy-nilly.

(I may also wear a mask next winter, because this is the first winter in many years that I haven’t suffered through a horrible cold for weeks. Also, as in this photo, masks mean I get to wear a squid on my face. :-))

I guess I’ve been sort of assuming that if you’re reading my feed, you’re already vaccinated or making plans to be as soon as they’re available to you. (I know I have a lot of international readers who have much less access than Americans do currently.)

But if any of you are feeling vaccine hesitant, and have questions, I have a *lot* of great science / medical people in my circles, and I’m pretty sure I can tag in folks who can answer your questions. Please feel free to ask them here; no judgement!

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